Production of furniture for offices

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Production of office furniture

Design: The design of a product is the result of the analysis of every planning features that define the product itself. So, a design item contains an high whole of qualities such as ergonomics, usability, constructive simplicity, environmental sustainability and impact, aesthetics.

Ergonomics: it’s the science that deals with the interaction between the elements of a system (human or of other kind) and the function for which they are projected (and the theory, the principles, the data and methods applied in the planning), with the aim to improve customer satysfaction and all the performances of the system. Pratically, ergonomics deals with the study of interaction between individuals and technology.

Illuminating engineering: It’s the technical/scientific discipline that deals with the lighting of interior and external spaces, using both sun and artificial light.

Furnishings: The whole of furniture and items that equip a space (office furniture)
Office equipment: Items that completes the office furniture, such as: table lamps, phone holder, pencil case, etc